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Oct 13, 2023

Project Idea Document (PID)

Context and Problem Statement

We want to record ideas for features, enhancements, and reasonably sane brain dumps.

Project Idea Documents (henceforth, PID) are therefore records, much like the ADRs we use for decisions, but fall on a different category: these are not decisions made by anyone, just a description of something to be considered for the future.


PIDs should observe the following qualities:

  • Easy to read and review
  • Include enough information to be understood by others, and its merit assessed
  • Reference all relevant GitHub project issues, if they exist
  • Be a single file
  • File name should follow the format

PID-0 is the only PID record that is allowed to break the file name convention.

All PIDs should be kept under /docs/ideas/ in the s3gw-tech/s3gw repository.

PID Structure

We do not enforce a strict document structure, but it should be easily understood.

However, the following rules always apply:

  • The PID title should always reflect the idea being proposed
  • Metadata is required at the beginning of the record

We recommend always starting the document with a Context and Problem Statement section, and finishing with a References section if applicable.


All PIDs should include at least the following metadata at the beginning of its record:

status: <proposed | accepted | rejected | superseded>
tags: <area/foo>
updated: <yyyy-mm-dd>

The status fields translate as the following:

  • proposed: The idea has been proposed to the project, and, being part of the repository after being merged, its proposal status has been granted
  • accepted: The idea has been accepted as a work item at some point in time
  • rejected: The idea has been rejected at some point in time
  • superseded: A new, better idea came up, superseding this one

The tags field should reflect at least the area/ to which an idea applies. Other tags may be provided, as long as they make sense.

The updated field should reflect the last date a given PID was updated.